Friday, August 12, 2011

Win these (and LOTS more)

These are just a few of the sponsors who have generously donated stuff for your winning pleasure. Sean from Grim's coming strong with a rad set of his in-house made bars.

Sounds like the Lowbrow boys will be stopping in on their way to the salt and they stepped up huge this year (cant thank them enough!) with all kinds of cool stuff, including this tank (having the final paint work done by Dave Clemens and Anthony Lucero) they donated that EVERYONE involved with the show is pissed they cant win! (I'm thinking Brooks gf may have 12 shirts in her possession along with the accompanying 12 raffle tickets)

Combine this with the Biltwell stuff Andy posted earlier, on top of other stuff we haven't shown you and we got seriously hooked up this year!

Thank you so much to our sponsors, and remember, the shirts and tickets are limited to the same as last year and we sold them out in about an hour!

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  1. God I want that tank...........sorry, couldn't help myself!