Sunday, August 21, 2011


Now that we all have recovered from the salt flats here is a recap of the goings on. Also if anyone has photos from the ride to the salt we would love to post them i was unable to make it out on sat so i just got a few on sunday.

Nate and Brook selling Jared a ticket for the raffle.
Some of the Bike show bikes

Dave looking like a cholo hardcore kid

The trio

Kory Sunday

the Pangea pack

Mr. Stone

Chris Antle rode this triumph from Montana.....




Nixon, Electric, Loser, Grim, Kory Sunday, Chow Truck

Extra Parking area filling up

Awesome gear from all the sponsors

More gear waiting to be raffled off.

Little kids getting so stoked on free stickers.

Lowbrow donated this tank. Dave and Anthony painted it.

Doug Smith

The Chow Truck dominated the food! so good.

Some creep aka j-larsen

Danimal SLC

Motor Mike came up from Vegas

The kids table

Rick Dirty Rat

Graves / SFK

Winning so much rad gear

The Major Award.

Check that ticket.

Donnie "spirit of the salt"
Hobbs "best sporty"

Chris "best chopper"

Jeremy "best of show"

MC Anderson Making peoples nights

Salt Flat Social Crew is: Brook, Nate, Danny, Mike, Andy, Bret, Brandon

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