Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Serious

Andy and I were talking the other night and decided people dont want bullshit plastic trophies at a bike show (my apologies to people that give those out). First off if you're riding how are you getting that home? And second its gonna break in 2 weeks if it didn't on the way home.

I had some counter shaft sprockets kicking around from the kart days (RIP) and Andy did the rest.

So for those of you who haven't hollered at us yet about being in the bike show, get after it.

Also, we aren't really looking for trailer queens in this show, if you have a bike that you're proud of enter that eff'r! You just might walk away with a rad trophy and some rad prizes. So stop being scared.


  1. looks sick! still how do we get one of these home?

  2. In your fanny pack.........duh! Do I need to dress you in the morning too? :)

    Lets get you entered, brother!

  3. wow. these trophies are amazing!